Reese Quick CPM, NAHP-E, President

Reese has over 40 years of apartment management experience including Conventional, Tax Credit, 20/80 Bond, Rural Development and Section 8. He is the current President of SAHMA (2016-2017) and also serves as the SC State Regulatory Affairs Chairperson. He is a past SAHMA State Director and past President of SC Chapter Institute for Real Estate Management. SDMC also holds memberships in the major southeast cities of the Greater Apartment Association affiliates. Reese enjoys "being on the properties” but does serve some office time in order to further the SDMC portfolio, operate a multi-state business and oversee one hundred fifty plus employees. Since his beginnings as a maintenance technician after serving in Vietnam, Reese has worked obtaining education and moving upward in the housing industry. This dedication represents his appreciation of the Owner’s investment, the residents’ well-being, respect for SDMC’s reputation and the benefit of its employees.

Matt Brandon CPA, CFO

Matt has over 20 years of experience in public accounting and has been added to management to help with financial, accounting, tax and auditing issues. Matt practiced public accounting for over 8 years before coming to SDMC in August 2005. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants. Duties include coordinating Financial and Tax reporting for managed properties to Governmental agencies and banking institutions.

Gene Newlon Regional Manager

Gene oversees conventional properties in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Gene worked as a Property Manager while in college and has been in the housing industry ever since. He also has a penchant for maintenance, and assists with rehabs, special projects, and training seminars for SDMC maintenance staff. With Gene’s guidance, a property greatly affected by the thousand year flood had 20 units rehabbed in an incredibly small length of time. Representatives from HUD visited the property and later wrote an article about the tragedy and the transformation.

Jeanette Galloway Director of Compliance

Jeanette oversees compliance issues with Sec 8, tax credit and Rural Development. She has years of experience as a Property Manager, Regional Manager, instructor and trainer for new hires. Her knowledge of Sec 8, Tax credit and Rural Development policies prove her value to SDMC.

Ira Banks Regional Manager

Ira started his housing career as a Property Manager. Ira is a leader who thrives on the challenges of affordable housing. His vast experiences give him license to lead executive roundtables, communicate with board members regarding legal and fair housing issues, and serve as emcee at yearly Managers’ meeting. Ira supervises properties in eastern South Carolina.

Ricki Thurman Regional Manager for Condo Associations, Conventional and Affordable Housing

Ricki works with Sec 8 and Rural Development, and also oversees management of the HOA’s SDMC manages. She regularly attends association/board meetings, implements and enforces HOA policies and serves as liaison between residents and board members.

Phillip Crocker Regional Manager

Phillip has a long history in the housing industry as a Regional Manager. Phil also has responsibility for processing replacement reserve and residual receipt requests, budget based rent increases and annual property budgets. Phillip oversees conventional, tax credit and Sec 8 properties in South Carolina.

Edith Parkman Real Estate Broker, Regional Manager

Edith has experience in apartment management including Conventional, Condo Associations, home rentals, Section 8, and tax credit properties. Edith is an excellent leaser and assists in lease ups as needed for SDMC and as a consultant. She is currently supervising properties in South Carolina and Georgia.